Eco-Spirit Award

The Eco-Spirit Award is presented annually to persons whose lives are illuminated by their appreciation of the beauty, mystery, and preciousness of the natural world. They are dynamic role models who engage us in debate, and urge us to explore the implications of our behavior during our present global environmental crisis. They lead us to a path of hope for the future of all life and nature on earth. 

The Eco-Spirit Award is presented at the Spirit in Nature Annual Meeting in February each year.

Past Eco-Spirit Award Winners: 

2018: Rodney Olsen

2017: Marc Lapin

2016: Sunday Night Group 

Alexandra Wylie (Eco-Spirit Spirit Award) 

2015: Betsy Hardy 

2014: Sam Guarnaccia 

2013: Daniel Shea 

2012: David Brynn 

2011: Anne Hoover 

2010: Corinne Almquist 

2009: Laura Asermily 

2008: Rebecca Gould 

2007: Paul Bortz 

2006: Steve Maier

2005: Rich Wolfson

2004: Warren and Barry King

2003: Stephanie Kaza

2002: John Elder

2001: Bill McKibben